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BD XYZ is one of the best moving companies in Dhaka has earned its reputation in office shifting service throughout the country. Now we are looking forward to spreading our business name and fame to the whole country as well as outside of the country. We set our goal to improve our all services to a new level. We are evolving in many social works to spread our business.

 Our work plan starts with the customer requirement and we provide the best office transfer service by a skillful staff.  Our attempt to satisfy our clients and giving the home or office relocation services though is one of the toughest and challenging experiences ever.

Shifting to a new place can be a frightening task? Whether you move within the same city or just across the street. BD xyz bids office shifting services to help you move within the same city or countries as the requirement arises. Moved is on your side to eliminate all fears about shifting. Through years of expertise, Our Movers is one of the utmost dependable service providers. Our Moving team of highly trained and veteran professionals offers you the best packing and moving services.


Moving of commercial and official goods and that too of office of the workplace is a great liability. This is not as simple as moving a household where someone is obliged to only carry the belongings of their house and move to another place. Responsibility and risk are both greatest during office removals. Possessions of office are not the sole property of one person only but the entire staff of the office is directly or indirectly related to that. Depending on the goods, Time of the move, and distance of the move, the budget and the whole scenario of the shifting process can be managed.

Moving Location:-

Our services exist in every mahalla and road in the Dhaka district. From 64 districts of Bangladesh to Dhaka and anywhere in the country from Dhaka city, No matter where you are in Bangladesh, you will always be near us. You can get services from anywhere in the country through our Online Form Fill up.
Local Move: Within Dhaka City Inter-District Move: Any District of Bangladesh 3 Parts of Commercial Move:

Our office Shifting services include:-

Service of Additional:-

Office relocation requires a lot of packing materials. Packing materials are the same for one item. Proper packing is not possible if suitable materials are not used. As a result of important office files, furniture, stationery items, etc. can be lost or destroyed.

Why choose BD xyz for an Office Shifting service?

When it comes to Office replacement, it is wise to choose a professional, skilled, and experienced company. Those who can serve you according to your interests and needs. Can take care of office furniture and documents etc. Shifting through in experienced companies to save money is likely to suffer losses. Later they have to be repaired or discarded.

Basic services for office Moving are all that is required:-

Packing: Whenever an office shifting is planned, the first thing you need to do is collect important materials and packing materials. And if you are shifting with a moving company, you will not have to worry about it. Consult with them before shifting how to pack. This means that if the shifting company enters the responsibility, they will pack everything in their own way. We are packing with advanced packing materials for office transfer. We supply packing material and packing all items with our own packers. Our Packers have a high level of experience.
Disassemble and Reassemble: When packing the whole office items, the furniture, electric, and electronics things have to need to disassemble. Our expert and professional technicians will open all office fittings such as air-condition, geezer, furniture, executive table, workstation, fan, server machine, etc. When everything is open, our packers will be packing it using special methods and special packing materials. On the other hand, the items which were dismantled from the previous office will be reassembled after moving to the new office as per the directions of the official authorities.
Loading: Once everything is finished packing and opening, our loaders will be ready for loading at the scheduled date of shifting. Before loading, visit the entire office to see if all the packing and opening is done properly or if there are any leftovers then finish loading. Before loading, our loading supervisor will consultants the labor on how to complete the work. According to the supervisor’s instructions, our workers began loading the carts very carefully. They use special packing materials to protect any damage to the belongings of office shifting services in Dhaka.
Truck & Pickup: Understanding the scope of the office and the type of belongings, we provide trucks and pickups. There are different types of trucks and pickups. Covered trucks are used for maximum security and for safe shifting without any damage.
Unloading: You will inspect the office floor once before bringing all the belongings from the previous office to the new office. The Labor Supervisor visits the floor and plans which products enter the room. At the end of the plan, the truck will begin unloading one by one. The loading will unload the goods according to the list that was made during loading.

Office Furniture Moving:-

We are getting an offer every day for office shifting or factory relocation that is secured, handle with care and dedication. Here we have that special offer is listed below:

BD XYZ ensure your office shifting or relocation safe and secure from one place to another place. For office moving our special team work hard to reduce cost and damages to the clients to make them happy and satisfy that’s why we take all responsibility for moving your IT and telecommunications systems.

There are some important files and documents which are also kept in the best care to protect from damages and being lost.

Top Rated Office moving services:-

BD XYZ is a top-rated moving company in Dhaka Bangladesh who provides the best top-rated movers and packers’ service. We are specialists or office shifting and relocation. We have all kinds of solutions for your office moving and doing it secure and safe.

While moving your office, you have lots of responsibility and work to do. And then if you want to manage that work by yourself you may lose many of your furniture items, files, and documents. So it’s better to hand your office shifting work over to any trusted company that is able to manage this project. BD xyz is very responsible and have the skill to manage this project taking care of everything and you don’t have to worry about any of your work.

Our movers are fully trained for house shifting and office shifting services in Dhaka. We got many offer for international moving. That’s why we trained our workers so perfectly so that they can reduce cost, damages, and injuries during moving. They are well trained for packing the furniture perfectly for a local move and international move to reduce the client’s cost.

Our staff, labor, supervisor, drivers and relocate are trained in the best way to shift house or office safe and secure for holding the possessions and this training continuously being upgrading every day.

While removing your office, warehouse or factory we have an experienced team who know how to complete the moving perfectly and will plan to the highest standards. We are always ready to assist you to achieve your movement goals.


Unpacking: We always try to keep our customers happy. People are happy when they get a little more than expected, laughs, and praises others. To get these we offer some additional services after office shifting. As a result, our customers are very happy. I appreciate being happy with our shifting work. After all the goods from the truck were taken to the new office, unpacking began. The act of unpacking is outside our contract.

Cleaning: After moving the office, both Office needs cleaning. After leaving the old home, it is not desirable to leave the dirt that has accumulated for so long. Our packers come in to clean up the rubbish so that other tenants don’t have to clean them. It is by no means accept that one will freeze the dirt of another. On the other hand, after cleaning a new house, if it is clean then the goods are removed from the truck. After packing up all the goods, our packers clean the dust on the furniture.

We always strive to achieve customer satisfaction by providing service. So that the customer recommends it to someone else. Many of our customers come through someone else. They recommend that we get good service by shifting Office through us. So, don’t hesitate to book today for your next office shift.
Take our service, stay safe.

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